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Luxurious spa treatments

For individual wellness desires

CHI, The Spa draws inspiration from the origins of the Shangri-La legend, which describes a place of personal peace, enchantment and well-being, focuses primarily on holistic and ayurvedic wellness and provides treatments to help guests unwind and relax.

Set within a secluded area of the resort that is enclosed by luscious, verdant tropical vegetation, CHI, The Spa offers 8 treatment rooms. Decorated in distinctive Shangri-La style, the spa also features design elements that are inspired by the local culture.

Guests can request a private consultation with nutritionists and ayurvedic doctors that can develop personalised wellness experiences to meet their specific needs.

The products used in our treatments, including ILA cosmetics and ingredients grown in CHI, The Spa’s dedicated garden, are organic and/or locally sourced. Guests can even visit our garden to partake in the making of the ointments that will be used during their treatment.

CHI, The Spa’s menu includes Chinese and ayurvedic treatments. In traditional Chinese philosophy, chi, or qi, is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. For good health to be maintained, it is believed that chi must flow freely within the body. On the other hand, when chi is blocked, disease and illness follow.

Movement is a key element in releasing blockages within the body. Body massage, exercise, stretching and moving the mind through relaxation and meditation practices form the basis of our spa philosophy and are combined to assist the body’s natural renewal.

CHI, The Spa’s menu also incorporates the renowned yogic practice of pranayama into every treatment. Each of our treatments are started with our signature breathing and meditation exercises to provide guests a complete spa journey.

Taking inspiration from local music, the Traditional Tipik Massage is a signature offering that features rhythmic strokes administered by a therapist to the sound of Sega music performed by local musicians. The therapy is a feast for the senses and allows one to reconnect with what is important and energise.

Sugar cane, which is abundant in Mauritius, has been incorporated into an invigorating signature massage. During the treatment, a sugar cane baton is used as a tool to release body tension.